Recording Audio In a NativeScript App

Okay, so not everyone will need to record audio from a device in their mobile application, but it’s still a pretty kick-ass feature to add to your app. This tutorial will be short and sweet. We are going to use the nativescript-audio plugin. You can find the repo here. A pal of mine, Nathan Walker, contributed the iOS version and did a lot of the TypeScript cleanup on the code base so thanks to him for his contribution. This plugin actually records and plays back audio. I plan on doing a follow up on playing audio later on.

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How to use Material Design Snackbar In A NativeScript App

This post will give a quick overview on how to use the Material Design Snackbar within a NativeScript app. If you are not familiar with Material Design, you can read all about it here on Google’s site.

With Material Design Google created numerous components/widgets for creating Android applications. One of my favorites is the ‘Snackbar’ and this post will show you how to use it within your NativeScript app. You’ll need to be running the Android app since this is native to Android and not iOS.

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