Use the Android Checkbox with NativeScript


The other day I found myself needing a checkbox in my NativeScript app and out of the box there is no such component/widget provided by the {N} team. I knew that Android has a checkbox widget so I made my way to the docs here.

This is very easy to do and if you’ve read any of my previous posts about accessing the native APIs exposed by {N} then you know where this is going.

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Use Google Cloud Messaging for Push Notifications with NativeScript

NativeScript provides a nice plugin to work with push notifications ( They even have a sample app that utilizes Telerik’s own backend platform for the push service. So I wanted to see how easy it was to use the plugin with a different push service. I chose to test this out with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). It turned out to be pretty simple.

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How to use Material Design FAB (Floating Action Button) in a NativeScript app

UPDATE: Get the plugin on NPM

In a follow up to using the Material Design snackbar, I have found myself using more and more components from the Material Design spec. The other day I needed to implement the FAB (floating action button) component. I haven’t had time to think about implementing a plugin just yet but it’s on my schedule for the coming weeks.

I just wanted to share this ‘HOW TO’ guide because it took me awhile to figure out how to set the icon of the FAB, so hopefully this will save someone some time.

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NativeScript-Snackbar Plugin

In a follow up to my previous post on how to use the Material Design ‘Snackbar’ component in your Android NativeScript app, I’d like to announce that yesterday I published a plugin available here on NPM. Currently this is Android only, I’m looking to integrate with a decent Cocoapod for the iOS version.

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How to use Material Design Snackbar In A NativeScript App

This post will give a quick overview on how to use the Material Design Snackbar within a NativeScript app. If you are not familiar with Material Design, you can read all about it here on Google’s site.

With Material Design Google created numerous components/widgets for creating Android applications. One of my favorites is the ‘Snackbar’ and this post will show you how to use it within your NativeScript app. You’ll need to be running the Android app since this is native to Android and not iOS.

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