Record a .gif to Show Your Work or Issues

Recently, I was asked, “How do you record your .gifs for your app demos and twitter images?” Well it’s really simple. I use a tool from Cockos Incorporated called LICEcap. They have a Windows and OSX version available for download.

Once you install the application, open up your app emulator and LICEcap. Then position LICEcap over your emulator and press the record button. Then when you are done, just stop the recording. BAM! You now have an awesome .gif to attach to your GitHub repos and to use on Twitter or wherever else you want to show your work off.


This is also a great tool for issues on GitHub. Have an issue, record your browser or emulator and attach a nice .gif showing the issue. This will help in your engagement tremendously. I’m always more inclined to assist users who provide detailed information on issues than those who simply say, “X is broken, fix ASAP!” Let’s be honest, this is how I react to those issues:



Happy Coding!

Just a legal disclaimer: I am not paid or endorsed by Cockos Inc. in any way, I wish I did have some endorsements… then I could be like Peyton Manning name dropping Budweiser in the SuperBowl 🙂

NativeScript-VideoPlayer Plugin

Go get it: `npm install nativescript-videoplayer`

UPDATE 2/8/2016 10:23am CST

Earlier this morning, Alex Ziskind @digitalix submitted a PR to bring remote video file capability to the iOS version. So now the plugin is full circle supporting local and remote video files on Android and iOS. Thank you Alex!



Before we dive in I’d like to thank two developers who had major contributions to this plugin so be sure to thank them and check their stuff out.


Let’s Get Started…

Since the launch of NativeScript, you could play videos in your apps just not very easily. There weren’t any abstractions done for the native video player components: VideoView (Android) and AVPlayer on iOS.

Well today I’m very happy to announce that it is going to be much easier going forward. I have just finished publishing the plugin to npm. Here is the link:

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