I’m just a kid from Nashville, TN. I grew up having a real passion for technology. I still remember being a teenager waiting for the AOL 4.0 dial-up connection to start. Thankfully those days are long gone.

I’m really passionate about creating apps that are easy to use and performance driven. Most of the time I write TypeScript and javascript for frontend and backend development. I also write a lot of C# for .NET backend work.

Education and Career Path…

I have an Associate’s degree from Volunteer State Community College. I initially started my higher education journey doing healthcare. I was a young and naive kid at 18 who listened to the advice of family and advisers who kept telling me, “You’ll always have a job in health care.” While that may be true, I was never happy studying healthcare. I eventually settled on doing physical therapy and took a job at a great company in Nashville that has offices all around the state, I worked for two years as a PT tech while working towards becoming a physical therapist. I was a few semesters short of fully committing to physical therapy as my career until I sat down one day and my wife and I talked about our future.

I was never going to be happy doing physical therapy. Sure, I’d have a decent job and decent money but I’d never come home or wake up excited about work. So we agreed that I’d finish taking the computer courses and look for a job in IT.

I landed my first IT gig in downtown Nashville doing help desk. Which again, was definitely not where I wanted to be but I know that sometimes you have to pay your dues to get where you want to be. So I did the tech support gig while looking for a programming job. A couple of months later I landed my first programming job.


In my free time I read and work… a lot. I’m constantly reading about new frameworks, libraries, techniques, and patterns to improve my knowledge. I also have a couple of kids that require a lot of my free time and spending time with them daily is always a blast. Outside of reading and family, anything outdoors I’m usually up for. I played football in high school and have done weight lifting for years so that’s a big part of my life and one of my favorite things to do when I get a chance.